Monday, 13 July 2015

Most Oil Refineries And Chemical Plants Sourcing Best Dry Type Transformers Models From India

Transformers are integral parts of the industries. The basic designs are having liquid filled transformer and dry type transformers in India. In this article, experts will explain dry type transformers. They will also make you learn about the reasons why chemical and oil refineries are mostly sourcing dry type transformers from manufacturers in India. Read further to know more about the benefits of using dry transformers. 

Dry type transformers in India are ideal and most suitable systems for locations where old oil filled transformers cause insecurity issues. There are several industrial locations where dry transformer model works best, such as oil refineries, chemical industry, marine applications, and more other localities where safety is a major concern of all.

Distinct Types Of Dry Transformers Supplied By Manufacturing Outlets 

Distinct types of transformers in dry range offered by manufacturers are- cast resin type and resin impregnated type.

Cast resin transformer- the design is encased with the windings in epoxy resin. The installation of cast resin dry transformers is easy since they are dry. Due to absence of coolant, there is no such requirement of fire retardant vault for indoor installations. The epoxy prevents incoming of dust and corrosive air to the windings.

Resin impregnated type transformers are having great mechanical strength and are resistant to temperature fluctuation. These are best suited models for polluted atmosphere as the design is immune to hazardous environment and working condition. These are easy to maintain and are environmental friendly. 

Major Benefits Of Using Dry Transformers 

Due to no use of coolant or transformer oil, these dry model designs are having no risk of fire. Moreover, these are light in weight unlike oil filled design. You can easily install dry transformers at limited space. There is no such toxic gas released while operation. Dry transformers usually perform operation soundlessly. The installation cost is bearable, which cannot be seen for oil filled transformers. Dry design is pretty much maintenance free, so you can save your extra pounds for other purposes. 

With all such advantages, dry type transformers in India are becoming major equipments for industrial clients. These are efficient and cost saving and thus, maximum entrepreneurs love dry transformers over oil filled design. 
Hope you get an idea now why major industrial leaders are depending more on dry type transformers. You can subscribe to this blog for more of such updates.

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