Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How A Dry Type Transformer Can Save Environment?

Is it right that India is among largest producer of reliable dry type transformers?

May be you read it before anywhere- dry type transformers in India are the most reliable machineries produced and intended by manufacturing units with the help of qualified team of engineers. The world has an avalanche of engineers that help manufacturing companies in intending the most reliable and sophisticated transformers that fit well in industrial client’s budget.

Transformers are becoming necessity for public and industries today. In almost every place where people live and work, you will see minimum one transformer. As the device keeps working and transferring power to the escalators inside the departmental store, the hotel lift, the oven in the bakery, or the petrochemical plant, nobody gives it a second thought. And most manufacturers of dry type transformers from India help their customers to use electricity in most effective way and to yield more industrial production in sustainable manner.

Why they stick to dry type technology?

There are numerous reasons to support this question. Number one is that dry type range holds maximum buyers because-

  • It is safe and environmental friendly device
  • It reduces environmental contamination
  • There is zero risk involved for leakage of flammable substances
  • The production process is environmental friendly
  • Non flammable and self-extinguishing capability
  • High capacity to support overloads
  • High resistance to short circuits
  • High resistance to vibrating conditions
Manufacturers and engineers have immense exposure in working on distinct ranges and customized projects, including-
  • Wind
  • Marine
  • Solar
  • Power plants
  • Railways
  • Utilities
  • Drives
  • Buildings
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Metal and mining 
  • Oil and gas
  • Pulp and paper
  • Cement 
  • Water 
  • Nuclear 
  • Infrastructure 
  • More

They leverage on latest technology and most demanding control systems in order to guarantee maximum production quality and comprehensive product reliability. Companies like Royal Transformers are offering best dry type transformers across India and overseas. You must take a look at their products and source the premium range of transformers at affordable rates.


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