Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Distinct Phases of Transformer Manufacturing

How Indian transformers manufacturers construct a transformer model?

The construction of a transformer relies on the way the primary and secondary windings are wound around the central laminated steel core. In this article, transformers manufacturers India will brief about different phases or processes involved in the construction of a transformer. The two common and widely accepted designs of transformer construction are the shell core transformer and closed-core transformer.

In the closed core model, the primary and secondary windings are wound outside and surround the core ring. In shell core model, the primary and secondary windings pass inside the steel magnetic circuit which develops a shell around the windings.

In both the designs, the magnetic flux that links the primary and secondary windings travels completely within the core with no loss of magnetic flux through air.

Transformer lamination

You may think that how the primary and secondary windings are wound across laminated steel or iron cores for such type of transformer construction. The coils are initially wound on a former which has a cylindrical, oval, or rectangular type cross section to suit the construction of the laminated core.

These individual laminations are compactly butted together when transformer is manufactured to reduce the reluctance of the air gap at the joints, which generate a highly saturated magnetic flux density.

Winding arrangements of a transformer

Transformer windings create another critical transformer construction part as they are the major current-carrying conductors that are wound across the laminated sections of the core.

In a single phase two winding transformer, the one winding is connected to the voltage source and develops a magnetic flux. This winding is primary one. Another one is secondary winding in which a voltage is induced as a result of mutual induction.

If the secondary output voltage is lower than the primary input voltage, the transformer model type is step down transformer. However, if it is opposite, i.e. if the secondary voltage is more than primary input voltage, it is step up transformer.

Transformer manufacturers are making these two common models for industrial and residential clients. You can get even custom made models as per your requirement from transformers manufacturers India. For more updates, connect to Royal Transformers and avail detailed knowledge on transformers and their components.

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