Sunday, 2 October 2016

How manufacturers of distribution transformers India protect their equipments?

Transformers are expensive products that need to be protected. Manufacturers of distribution transformers India need to provide proper maintenance care to the transformers and The power transformer protection is realized with two distinct types of devices, one is the measuring device that measures the electrical quantities that affect the transformer through instrument transformers. Other is the device that indicates the status of the physical quantities.

We will discuss top protection devices used by manufacturing units for transformers.
         Buchholz (Gas) Relay
         Oil level Monitor Device
         Pressure Relay
         Winding Thermometer

Buchholz (Gas) Relay – This equipment is a mechanical fault detector used by manufacturers to determine electrical faults in oil-filled transformers. The Buchholz (gas) relay is placed within the pipe between the main tank and the oil conservator in transformer. The conservator pipe has to be inclined slightly for reliable operation.

This equipment normally has a pivoted float and a pivoted vane. Both the float and the vane carry different mercury switches. The casing is filled with oil and the switches are open.

Pressure Relay:

Most power transformers with an on-tank-type tap changer are equipped with a separate tap changer oil compartment for pressure protection. This protection determines a sudden rate-of-increase of pressure inside the oil enclosure of the tap changer.

When the pressure in front of the piston increases the spring counter force, the piston will move and operate the switching contacts.

Frangible disk is the simplest form of pressure relief device used by manufacturers. The surge of oil caused by a severe internal fault bursts the disk and lets the oil to release rapidly. Relieving and bounding the pressure rise help prevent explosive rupture of the tank and fire.

Oil level monitor device:

Transformers that are equipped with oil conservator expansion tank are having an oil level monitor. This monitor has two contacts for alarm.

Winding Thermometer:

It responds to both the top-oil temperature and load current heating effect. It creates an image of the hottest part of the winding. The top-oil temperature is measured with a same method i.e. oil level monitoring device.

These are the devices used by manufacturers of distribution transformers India to protect their transformers. Experts are already using these devices to provide protected transformer equipment's to their clients. If you want any, ask experts today.

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