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EAF Transformers - Perfect Furnace Transformers For Business Operations

In an age where processes have become automatic and computerized, the role of transformers is considered to play a major factor for various industries. The use of electrical energy is a basic requirement and a critical one in any scenario. Various types of electrical equipments and transformers support the relentless efforts to make business operations function effectively and in an efficient way. 

The Importance of Transformers 

The role of the new age processes has defined the role of transformers in an important category which serves diverse industries. The increase in production capacity on a large scale has made the industrial power transformers more Efficient.These transformers are essential to maintain the uniformity of the currents and voltages in order to supply the required power in beneficial ways. Amongst the many types, the electric furnace transformers are the most common utilized ones. Having to supply power to different electric furnaces, the transformers maintain the proper distribution of electricity in circuits and machines for its operations.  

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The Source Of Electric Arc Furnace Transformers

The furnace transformers are utilized in areas where the electric furnaces assist in melting charged materials. This type of transformers has entirely changed the outlook of various industries by transforming energy into different forms as per the desired requirements. The design and purpose of the transformers in various ways lead to their categorization in two forms Which are as Under  
  1. AC furnace transformers  
  2. DC furnace transformers
In view of the diverse requirements, AC furnace transformers are more influential and are in high demand. To keep up the pace with the industrial needs, these are further sub-categorized into
  1. Arc Furnace transformer
  2. Reduction transformer
The electrical Arc Furnace transformers or the EAF transformers have earned an immense reputation as power transformers. This type of equipment is exploited in the melting process of scrap metals arranged inside an arc furnace which are very much common these days

Technical Features And Design

The EAF transformers are designed and manufactured which have proved to be beneficial for the industries in maintaining a precise stability in connection to the electrical circuit. The furnace transformers are designed to
  • Endure recurrent short circuits 
  • Reduce voltage drops, harmonics and other problems due to unbalanced conditions of currents that occur in the electric arc.
  • Resist high levels of mechanical, thermal and electrical stress 
The features of the equipment are as per the design and functional requirements which include
  • High secondary current
  • Power maintained up to 300 MVA
  • Electrode current is specified as per the type of metals used
             For steel: up to120 KA
             For Ferro alloys: up to 180 KA

  • Single and three phased
  • Primary voltage up to 132 KV
  • Secondary voltage up to 1500 KV
Major Application Areas

The EAF transformers with its consolidated technology suffice the needs of the industries resulting in accurate and productive output. Such furnace transformers are used in steel and metallurgical industries to maintain the high level of power provided to the arc furnaces during the production of steel and other alloy metals in various forms. Gas factories utilize these transformers where the requirement is to maintain the voltages at certain levels which assist in carrying out the catalysis and reactions for attaining various forms of gases.

The Arc Furnace is being recognized for being effective as large recycling machines thus the importance of the Electric Arc Furnace transformers is justified.

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