Sunday, 2 October 2016

How manufacturers of distribution transformers India protect their equipments?

Transformers are expensive products that need to be protected. Manufacturers of distribution transformers India need to provide proper maintenance care to the transformers and The power transformer protection is realized with two distinct types of devices, one is the measuring device that measures the electrical quantities that affect the transformer through instrument transformers. Other is the device that indicates the status of the physical quantities.

We will discuss top protection devices used by manufacturing units for transformers.
         Buchholz (Gas) Relay
         Oil level Monitor Device
         Pressure Relay
         Winding Thermometer

Buchholz (Gas) Relay – This equipment is a mechanical fault detector used by manufacturers to determine electrical faults in oil-filled transformers. The Buchholz (gas) relay is placed within the pipe between the main tank and the oil conservator in transformer. The conservator pipe has to be inclined slightly for reliable operation.

This equipment normally has a pivoted float and a pivoted vane. Both the float and the vane carry different mercury switches. The casing is filled with oil and the switches are open.

Pressure Relay:

Most power transformers with an on-tank-type tap changer are equipped with a separate tap changer oil compartment for pressure protection. This protection determines a sudden rate-of-increase of pressure inside the oil enclosure of the tap changer.

When the pressure in front of the piston increases the spring counter force, the piston will move and operate the switching contacts.

Frangible disk is the simplest form of pressure relief device used by manufacturers. The surge of oil caused by a severe internal fault bursts the disk and lets the oil to release rapidly. Relieving and bounding the pressure rise help prevent explosive rupture of the tank and fire.

Oil level monitor device:

Transformers that are equipped with oil conservator expansion tank are having an oil level monitor. This monitor has two contacts for alarm.

Winding Thermometer:

It responds to both the top-oil temperature and load current heating effect. It creates an image of the hottest part of the winding. The top-oil temperature is measured with a same method i.e. oil level monitoring device.

These are the devices used by manufacturers of distribution transformers India to protect their transformers. Experts are already using these devices to provide protected transformer equipment's to their clients. If you want any, ask experts today.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Distinct Phases of Transformer Manufacturing

How Indian transformers manufacturers construct a transformer model?

The construction of a transformer relies on the way the primary and secondary windings are wound around the central laminated steel core. In this article, transformers manufacturers India will brief about different phases or processes involved in the construction of a transformer. The two common and widely accepted designs of transformer construction are the shell core transformer and closed-core transformer.

In the closed core model, the primary and secondary windings are wound outside and surround the core ring. In shell core model, the primary and secondary windings pass inside the steel magnetic circuit which develops a shell around the windings.

In both the designs, the magnetic flux that links the primary and secondary windings travels completely within the core with no loss of magnetic flux through air.

Transformer lamination

You may think that how the primary and secondary windings are wound across laminated steel or iron cores for such type of transformer construction. The coils are initially wound on a former which has a cylindrical, oval, or rectangular type cross section to suit the construction of the laminated core.

These individual laminations are compactly butted together when transformer is manufactured to reduce the reluctance of the air gap at the joints, which generate a highly saturated magnetic flux density.

Winding arrangements of a transformer

Transformer windings create another critical transformer construction part as they are the major current-carrying conductors that are wound across the laminated sections of the core.

In a single phase two winding transformer, the one winding is connected to the voltage source and develops a magnetic flux. This winding is primary one. Another one is secondary winding in which a voltage is induced as a result of mutual induction.

If the secondary output voltage is lower than the primary input voltage, the transformer model type is step down transformer. However, if it is opposite, i.e. if the secondary voltage is more than primary input voltage, it is step up transformer.

Transformer manufacturers are making these two common models for industrial and residential clients. You can get even custom made models as per your requirement from transformers manufacturers India. For more updates, connect to Royal Transformers and avail detailed knowledge on transformers and their components.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to Upgrade Power Transformer India

Explosion of transformer causes a power outage. Manufacturers of power transformers India say that the transformers do go down, but when they start putting impact on campus operations, things get worse immediately. Besides the lost continuity of classroom instruction, the risk of security lapses, subsequent fires, fines, and lawsuits can increase the damages by four times.

How to recognize a robust transformer?

Engineers are trying harder to avail an asset that will offer cost effective and long lived service with a basic know-how of the construction, design, and materials of power transformer.

Common power transformers used at campuses are liquid filled models. Liquid filled transformers use oil or coolant for absorbing heat. Other type is dry type transformer. Dry type model is air cooled and so, there are fewer chances of leakage and fire risk.

It hardly matters if the transformer is wet or dry. Robustness is determined by the way the coils are wound around the transformer core.

The material used by manufacturers for the windings is the best quality copper, which is superior conductor to aluminium as copper provides less resistance and less heat. Moreover, aluminium corrodes that creates heat and lower the life of the transformer while posing a fire hazard.

Even the insulation has significant impact on reliability. Transformer (dry type) temperatures can reach 200 degrees C on daily basis, so neglecting insulation part can be a disastrous thing to do.

How remanufacturing (restoring) is a cost saving decision?

The idea to purchase a restored transformer or refurbished transformer is a cost saving one. There are manufacturers that sell refurbished transformer and its spares to their clients at lower price. A brand new transformer is costly and not every person can afford it. So, for such clientele, manufacturers have brought refurbished range of transformers. These are restored versions of original transformers, which are repaired by professionals using latest technology and tools.

Refurbished or restored transformers are not corroded ones. These are somehow failed at operation mode and due to unavailability of spare, users sell them at low price. These sold transformers are restored in good condition by replacing the corroded or broken spares with brand new spares.

Some stores are the answer to your emergency situations when you are unable to get a component for your transformer. You can contact restoring stores that sell refurbished transformers. They do have some spares that you can avail at really cheap prices.

Royal transformers manufacturers are suppliers of power transformers India. You can contact their experts and avail best model for your site. For details, kindly visit their official website. Don’t forget to share the reviews about this story. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Modern Transformer Spares Maintenance is not Easy

Rectifier maintenance involves master practice and thus, such transformer spares maintenance is not easy as before. Modern range of rectifiers are filled with electronic and sophisticated controls, programmable logic controllers, power conversion devices, control equipment, and cooling systems. To acquire a durable product, manufacturers make quality investment with several hours of engineering, R & D, testing and maintenance practice. In order to perform proper maintenance practice, one should have good understanding of the type of rectifier system, type of control, hazards, and safety precautions.

Rectifier control types used in the metal finishing industry are separated in following types and are available in three phase and single phase power configurations.

No control – Such type of rectifier offers limited output control and regulation. No control rectifier is used at location where a single level of voltage is needed with limited regulation.

Thyristor /SCR control

This is the most common type of control used in modern metal finishing shop, where automatic control and/ or remote operation are required. The SCR or thyristor is a solid semiconductor device that acts as a switch, conducting when they are forward biased.

Transformer manufacturing companies configure SCRs with one of two typologies for offering either primary or secondary control rectifier control.

SMPS or Switchmode Power Supplies

Switchmode technology has been used in smaller applications; however, since past 10 years, industry is able to manufacture large components to allow power ratings for the metal finishing industry. The manufacturers design these supplies in solid-state and incorporate a high speed switching regulator.

The switch is either on or off.

Since the cost of copper increased, these power supplies are cost effective due to the reduced copper content. This technology provides inherent low loss conversion from AC to DC. Transformer manufacturers are making these power supplies in ranges up to 10,000 amps in a small, efficient, and reliable package.


Chopper technology is the recent one used by manufacturers for transformer applications to convert AC to DC. This technology is used in large high current systems.

All these transformer spare parts are readily available at manufacturing unit. You can browse some manufacturers of transformer parts nearby your area and source some good reliable pieces from them. Royal transformer manufacturers are among leading companies that deal into quality spares and components. They are supplying their products to worldwide clients at best rates.

You can talk to Royal Transformer experts and get the best deal for yourself. There are many transformer spares available at their store. You can even explore their offerings online by visiting their official website.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How to Reduce the Maintenance Cost and Enhance Life Of The Distribution Transformer?

Are distribution transformers offered by Indian suppliers most efficient to use?

There was a time when industries encountered sudden failures and limited life expectancy for transformers. But today, distribution transformers in India are made with better grade materials and optimum design that reduce the cost of maintenance and enhance the life of the transformer.

A transformer converts power electricity from once circuit to another in same frequency. In this conversion process, transformer can raise or lower the voltage with corresponding decrease or increase in current. Transformers acquire this with mutual induction between the two circuits connected by a similar magnetic flux in its core.

Highlight the facts about transformer invention

Invented in 1886, transformers now act as a backbone of AC transmission, distribution and use of electrical energy. Manufacturers offer from radio frequency transformers to industrial transformers as per the request of the customer.

Importance of transformers

Transformers are critical equipment in power distribution network. These are second large loss making devices after transmission lines in electricity networks. Transformer failure causes sudden outage in the power supply. Transformers are intended to lower the greenhouse gas emissions, enhance reliability and provide longer service life to industrial applications.

How to reduce the cost of energy losses?

Manufacturers of distribution transformers reduce the cost of energy losses by enhancing the transformer efficiency. They also started using high grade materials and optimum design that help them in reducing the cost of maintenance and enhancing the life of the transformers.

Distribution transformers are special and important as these are the equipment through which each electricity unit consumed by the end user has to be delivered.

Reasons behind losses in transformers –
  • Loose connection at the bushings 
  • High no-load losses
  • Bend in jumpers
  • High copper losses
Losses in service cables and connections are happened due to short size or inappropriate size of the service cables, losses in joints in the poles, missing spring washers, etc.

High efficient distribution transformers by Indian suppliers are the products to be installed for better performance and results. You can get an efficient transformer device from any reliable Indian supplier you know.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How A Dry Type Transformer Can Save Environment?

Is it right that India is among largest producer of reliable dry type transformers?

May be you read it before anywhere- dry type transformers in India are the most reliable machineries produced and intended by manufacturing units with the help of qualified team of engineers. The world has an avalanche of engineers that help manufacturing companies in intending the most reliable and sophisticated transformers that fit well in industrial client’s budget.

Transformers are becoming necessity for public and industries today. In almost every place where people live and work, you will see minimum one transformer. As the device keeps working and transferring power to the escalators inside the departmental store, the hotel lift, the oven in the bakery, or the petrochemical plant, nobody gives it a second thought. And most manufacturers of dry type transformers from India help their customers to use electricity in most effective way and to yield more industrial production in sustainable manner.

Why they stick to dry type technology?

There are numerous reasons to support this question. Number one is that dry type range holds maximum buyers because-

  • It is safe and environmental friendly device
  • It reduces environmental contamination
  • There is zero risk involved for leakage of flammable substances
  • The production process is environmental friendly
  • Non flammable and self-extinguishing capability
  • High capacity to support overloads
  • High resistance to short circuits
  • High resistance to vibrating conditions
Manufacturers and engineers have immense exposure in working on distinct ranges and customized projects, including-
  • Wind
  • Marine
  • Solar
  • Power plants
  • Railways
  • Utilities
  • Drives
  • Buildings
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Metal and mining 
  • Oil and gas
  • Pulp and paper
  • Cement 
  • Water 
  • Nuclear 
  • Infrastructure 
  • More

They leverage on latest technology and most demanding control systems in order to guarantee maximum production quality and comprehensive product reliability. Companies like Royal Transformers are offering best dry type transformers across India and overseas. You must take a look at their products and source the premium range of transformers at affordable rates.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Most Oil Refineries And Chemical Plants Sourcing Best Dry Type Transformers Models From India

Transformers are integral parts of the industries. The basic designs are having liquid filled transformer and dry type transformers in India. In this article, experts will explain dry type transformers. They will also make you learn about the reasons why chemical and oil refineries are mostly sourcing dry type transformers from manufacturers in India. Read further to know more about the benefits of using dry transformers. 

Dry type transformers in India are ideal and most suitable systems for locations where old oil filled transformers cause insecurity issues. There are several industrial locations where dry transformer model works best, such as oil refineries, chemical industry, marine applications, and more other localities where safety is a major concern of all.