Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How to Reduce the Maintenance Cost and Enhance Life Of The Distribution Transformer?

Are distribution transformers offered by Indian suppliers most efficient to use?

There was a time when industries encountered sudden failures and limited life expectancy for transformers. But today, distribution transformers in India are made with better grade materials and optimum design that reduce the cost of maintenance and enhance the life of the transformer.

A transformer converts power electricity from once circuit to another in same frequency. In this conversion process, transformer can raise or lower the voltage with corresponding decrease or increase in current. Transformers acquire this with mutual induction between the two circuits connected by a similar magnetic flux in its core.

Highlight the facts about transformer invention

Invented in 1886, transformers now act as a backbone of AC transmission, distribution and use of electrical energy. Manufacturers offer from radio frequency transformers to industrial transformers as per the request of the customer.

Importance of transformers

Transformers are critical equipment in power distribution network. These are second large loss making devices after transmission lines in electricity networks. Transformer failure causes sudden outage in the power supply. Transformers are intended to lower the greenhouse gas emissions, enhance reliability and provide longer service life to industrial applications.

How to reduce the cost of energy losses?

Manufacturers of distribution transformers reduce the cost of energy losses by enhancing the transformer efficiency. They also started using high grade materials and optimum design that help them in reducing the cost of maintenance and enhancing the life of the transformers.

Distribution transformers are special and important as these are the equipment through which each electricity unit consumed by the end user has to be delivered.

Reasons behind losses in transformers –
  • Loose connection at the bushings 
  • High no-load losses
  • Bend in jumpers
  • High copper losses
Losses in service cables and connections are happened due to short size or inappropriate size of the service cables, losses in joints in the poles, missing spring washers, etc.

High efficient distribution transformers by Indian suppliers are the products to be installed for better performance and results. You can get an efficient transformer device from any reliable Indian supplier you know.