Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Transformer Oil Purification - Most Critical Specialty Service In The Industry

Everything comes with an expiry date and so the transformer oil! Though your transformer oil doesn’t expire like other things, but it ages and wears with time. Therefore, experts recommend running routine transformer oil purification process to eliminate all contaminants that dilute the purity of the oil and make it unfit for the machine. When a transformer oil ages, it oxidizes and starts to break down. Degradation of oil release acids, peroxides, and aldehydes in the sludge form. This formed sludge affects clellulose insulation, traps heat, and restricts oil flow inside the transformer and causes transformer failure.

Filtration of transformer oil is most critical specialty service offered by many genuine service centers across the world. As per engineers, without electrical transformers, we would not have such great distribution of electricity like we are having today. Hence, to continue leveraging electricity to perform various household and office work, there is a need of maintaining transformer in good condition. Any transformer in use should be taken care of in best possible way.

Companies having transformers at their factory can perform on-site regeneration of transformers oil with experts’ assistance. Professionals around the world carrying out offsite and onsite transformer oil purification using their specialized expertise and skill set for good results. With purification method, they are able to restore transformer oil by eliminating sludge, gases, and other contaminants. After completion of the treatment, the restoration of transformer oil is done and purified transformer oil is collected in a storing jar or bottle. 

With purification process, you not only help transformer to live longer life, but you also help cellulose insulation and other internal components of the transformer to get improved and free-from-dust.  Regular transformer oil purification process is necessary and significant to ensure longevity of the system as moisture and solids can harm the function of electrical insulating fluids (insulator, coolant). You need to be little more cautious while looking for specialty service center at where the experts can perform purification and filtration method for transformation oil. They use specialized tools and techniques to remove all dirt and contaminants from oil and enhance the life of transformer system. 

Search for reliable service centers as purification method is not a joke. It requires hard core skills and techniques’ knowledge to perform the tests and filtration method onsite and offsite location.


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