Monday, 20 June 2011

The Importance Of Power Transformers

Electricity and Energy has become an important part of everyday life, and without electricity we can not imagine life today. Most of the appliances work. We are facing various problems due to voltage fluctuations. Sometimes, our equipment malfunctions due to voltage problems. The solution to all these problems can be corrected only by a processor. Power transformers and transformer is an electronic device that is used to change alternating current from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction. These adapters will work in different mechanisms to reduce the input voltage or increase the voltage of electrical equipment. These transformers have two or more windings wounded on laminated iron core and the number of windings is based on the requirement for voltage, the transformer is used to provide.

There are several types of transformers as a separate transformer, transformers, electric transformer, audio transformer, power transformer, high voltage transformers and low voltage, to intensify and step-down transformers, etc. Each of these forms have their own properties and uses of the transfer voltage based unit is attached with.

Electrical transformer is a device that is used to increase or decrease the voltage of alternating current or voltage. Transformers are two groups of coils are called primary and secondary coils associated with some magnetic fields, which act as conductors. This issue of the number of windings of the transformer operation. There are various forms, such as electrical transformers to step up transformers increase the voltage or step down transformers to lower voltage levels, which can be used for power lines and household appliances to adjust the power supply and reduce the cost of the bill.

Current transformers are used for secondary or complementary to the current produces a power transformer, and this will help our customers get a lot of power for their various applications, such as metering and protective relaying in the electrical security measure for large currents up to high voltages. Audio transformers are designed for epoxy resin, which facilitates improvements in audio quality by removing the distracting sound signals from other devices. Flyback transformers for converting the input voltage and current output voltage and current transformers provided, and these are available in different models and sizes.

The electrical contacts are electrical components that are used to stop the flow of electricity by interrupting the current or away from one leader to another. These electrical contacts are available for medium current, high voltage and low current devices. The circuit breaker is an electrical switch that operates automatically to turn off or interrupt a circuit damage due to high voltage. This is used to detect critical defects in the mechanism of the circuit and power outage to prevent the repair of equipment. These switches are of different types, such as vacuum circuit breakers, SF6 circuit breakers, switches installed patches, etc.


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  2. Electrical power transformers are majorly described inner and outer lower voltage winding sectors and higher voltage winding sectors. The lower and higher voltage winding sectors are inventively spaced with the lower voltage windings in the side by side positions and adjacent to the higher voltage windings. The transformers are of higher voltage windings having a smaller turn height than the lower voltage windings and having conductor filaments of slighter measure than the pancake coils of the lower voltage windings.

  3. There are a wide range of transformers available in the market, some of them namely – toroidal, isolation, audio output, three phase, E&I, audio line matching, SMPS and UI transformers. All these transformers have different properties and are designed for specific purposes.
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