Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to Upgrade Power Transformer India

Explosion of transformer causes a power outage. Manufacturers of power transformers India say that the transformers do go down, but when they start putting impact on campus operations, things get worse immediately. Besides the lost continuity of classroom instruction, the risk of security lapses, subsequent fires, fines, and lawsuits can increase the damages by four times.

How to recognize a robust transformer?

Engineers are trying harder to avail an asset that will offer cost effective and long lived service with a basic know-how of the construction, design, and materials of power transformer.

Common power transformers used at campuses are liquid filled models. Liquid filled transformers use oil or coolant for absorbing heat. Other type is dry type transformer. Dry type model is air cooled and so, there are fewer chances of leakage and fire risk.

It hardly matters if the transformer is wet or dry. Robustness is determined by the way the coils are wound around the transformer core.

The material used by manufacturers for the windings is the best quality copper, which is superior conductor to aluminium as copper provides less resistance and less heat. Moreover, aluminium corrodes that creates heat and lower the life of the transformer while posing a fire hazard.

Even the insulation has significant impact on reliability. Transformer (dry type) temperatures can reach 200 degrees C on daily basis, so neglecting insulation part can be a disastrous thing to do.

How remanufacturing (restoring) is a cost saving decision?

The idea to purchase a restored transformer or refurbished transformer is a cost saving one. There are manufacturers that sell refurbished transformer and its spares to their clients at lower price. A brand new transformer is costly and not every person can afford it. So, for such clientele, manufacturers have brought refurbished range of transformers. These are restored versions of original transformers, which are repaired by professionals using latest technology and tools.

Refurbished or restored transformers are not corroded ones. These are somehow failed at operation mode and due to unavailability of spare, users sell them at low price. These sold transformers are restored in good condition by replacing the corroded or broken spares with brand new spares.

Some stores are the answer to your emergency situations when you are unable to get a component for your transformer. You can contact restoring stores that sell refurbished transformers. They do have some spares that you can avail at really cheap prices.

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