Thursday, 30 April 2015

Vacuum Dehydrating Transformer Oil Purification Systems Features And Use

Technology has once again brought something for transformer users- transformers oil purification devices. By maintaining precise fluid cleanliness, users can definitely enhance the life of critical wear components of transformer, minimize downtime and maximize profitability. It is important to keep the oil of your transformer clean and contaminant free to achieve maximum performance and output.

There are many harmful effects of dust and moisture content in hydraulic and lubrication oil that you use in transformers. When you maintain and sustain the quality of fluid and keep it clean. You automatically contribute efforts to make the transformer device more durable and robust in performance. Vacuum oil filtration machine is intended and designed with this purpose- to bring cost effective purification services for transformer users.

These devices are famous for their high-caliber and efficiency. With special engineered designed features and robust built, transformer oil filtration machines ensure years of maintenance-free operation as well as performance.

Certain Features Making Device Popular Across The World 
  • Equipped with permanent dispersion media within vacuum tower
The dispersion media present in vacuum tower maximizes the rate of water extraction and eliminates the need for costly replacements in the machine. The component also allows the machine to operate in effective way on high viscosity gears oil.
  • Single utility
It requires 480 volt, 3-phase electric service only. You don't need to supply chilled water during service time.
  • Claw-style vacuum pump
It requires very less maintenance unlike other traditional vacuum pumps and it also pulls deeper vacuum.
  • System view windows
With this, operator is allowed to see and handle system operation and performance.
  • Plugged filter indicator light
This indicator light turned on when the particulate removal filter element is plugged and requires to be changed. 

Besides transformer oil purification, vacuum dehydrator oil purification machine is also applied for hydraulic oil filtration, lubrication oil purification, diesel fuel filtration, gear oil filtration, etc. In case you are planning to visit service center for availing transformer maintenance facility, you can instead bring this machine and conduct on line oil purification tests in your garage or center. However, you need to invest more for that, but that's ok- take it as one time investment for rest of the life and use machine anytime for purifying the oil.


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