Friday, 20 March 2015

Why Most Service Centers Consider Transformers Oil Purification A Crucial Process?

Transformers are delicate machines that need to be installed in protective environment as dust and other particles can leads to wear and tear of the machine. For keeping the health of transformer, users need to perform transformer oil purification process when required. Why it is important? Here are few reasons that perfectly explain the significance of oil purification:
  • Presence of moisture, solid, and gas contaminants can adversely affect the functionality of electrical insulating fluids as an insulator and coolant. This is why it is always preferable to perform purification process of transformer oil to expel all the contaminants that act like a barrier to high performance.
  • Irregular purification leads to sudden failures and breakdown of a machine part. Your transformer will be in bad situation, even in worse if you do not perform cleaning of transformer oil on regular basis.
When To Clean Transformer Oil? How To Know That There Is A Need Of Treating Transformer Oil?

Transformer oil is an insulating liquid that keep the device/machine in good condition when well-maintained. Low in good condition insulating oils are bad for transformer's health and may cause damage to inner components and the system. You can take help of oil quality parameters and tests to determine the purity level of transformer oil.

Basic quality parameters of insulating oil are- Voltage breakdown, dielectric strength, moisture content, flash point, color visual inspection, interfacial tension, and particles contaminations.

There are few tests that will help you in determining contaminants level of the oil. You can ask for professional assistance for performing cleaning of transformer oil.
 Fig- Showing before and after results of oil purification

The transformer oil purification process offers:
  • Cost savings
  • Valuation of aged oil and its recycling
  • Reduction of oil handling
  • Reduction of transport cost
  • Reduction of oil disposal
  • Removal of products of ageing
The significance of this process can't be neglected anyway. You need to perform this method when your transformer oil gets diluted with contaminants as it will harm its health and affects performance.