Monday, 16 December 2013

Tussle against electricity fluctuation with Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers are an electrical device used for carrying electrical energy from primary distribution circuits to secondary distribution circuits. These are also utilized for transferring current within the service circuit or secondary distribution circuits. A distribution transformer aids in minimizing the supply of voltage of primary circuits to quantity of voltage looked for by the customer. The voltage amount keeps on varying and this can vary for light industry consumers, residential consumers and commercial consumers. 

Perfect for

A distribution transformers of different ratings is extensively used in housing complexes, State electricity boards and the industrial sector. It is perfect for Below Things

  • Sensitive electronic or electrical equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Transmission lines
  • Data processing equipment
  • Photocopying machines
  • Radar systems
  • Tool machines
  • Lighting plants and safety alarm
  • Measuring systems
Categorization of Distribution transformers
  • A distribution transformer is classified into several types namely as under
  • Furnace Transformers
  • Equipment Transformers
  • Heat-treatment Transformers
  • Multi-Tapping Auto Transformers
  • Custom Built Transformers
  • Open Delta Transformers
Step by Step guide to the manufacturing process 

Manufactured from supreme quality raw materials, the offered range ofdistribution transformer is accessible in both single and three phases depending on the needs of the customers. The manufacturing process of such transformers is sub-divided into four phases.

Phase 1- Both the L.T and H.T. coil is wound on a coil winding machine and accumulated on the core limb out of the silicon steel sheet.

Phase 2- The connection of the H.T coil and the L.T coil is made and the accumulation is placed inside a hot compartment of drying impregnation with the insulating compound carried out and the assembly dried again.

Phase 3- the accessories and fittings are mounted above the M.S. tank. The core coil accumulation is fixed in the tank following which the tank is filled with oil.

Phase 4- Lastly, the transformer is passed through a stringent testing as par the IS specifications.

A massive rise in the electricity installing capacity of the developing and developed countries and the mushrooming demand for further electrical energy in order to power the growing industrial and commercial sectors is augmenting the demand for distribution transformers. Such electrical device saves human life as well the appliances from breaking down because of voltage fluctuation.


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